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'''Herodotus''' (; ''Hēródotos'', ) was a Greeks|Greek historian who was born in Halicarnassus, Caria (modern-day Bodrum, Turkey) and lived in the fifth century BC ( 484– 425 BC), a contemporary of Socrates. He is widely referred to as "The Father of History" (first conferred by Cicero);T. James Luce, ''The Greek Historians'', 2002, [ p. 26]. he was the first historian known to have broken from Homeric tradition to treat historical subjects as a method of investigation—specifically, by collecting his materials systematically and critically, and then arranging them into a historiographic narrative.''New Oxford American Dictionary'', "Herodotos", Oxford University Press ''Histories (Herodotus)|The Histories'' is the only work which he is known to have produced, a record of his "inquiry" (or ...
Birth date{{circa|484 BC}}
Birth placeHalicarnassus, Caria, Anatolia|Asia Minor, Achaemenid Empire|Persian Empire
Death date{{circa|425 BC}} (aged approximately 60)
Death placeThurii, Calabria or Pella, Macedon
Spouse| parents = {{unbulleted list| Lyxes (father) | Dryotus (mother)}}
Relatives{{unbulleted list| Theodorus (brother) | Panyassis (uncle or cousin)}}
Notable worksHistories (Herodotus)|The Histories
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